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Parker: Rock Creek Ranch (Book 3)

Parker: Rock Creek Ranch (Book 3)

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When Parker Rankin’s father dies, he expects life on the ranch to change. What he didn't expect was Reba Morris.

Parker wonders how much his stepmother, Abby, has influenced his father’s final wishes. Although Abby has been a part of his life for years, her goals for the ranch are different from his: he wants to keep it a working cattle ranch; she wants to convert it to a dude ranch. All Parker wants is to continue his way of life—running the Montana ranch until the day he dies, just like his father.

The last thing he expects the day of his father’s funeral is for life to throw him another curveball—a red-headed, no-nonsense, curveball named Reba Morris.

Having recently relocated to Montana, Rebekah (Reba) Morris decides to do the neighborly thing and help out at the Rankin home when everyone gathers after John Rankin’s funeral. With her late husband’s passing several months earlier on her mind, she knows how difficult it can be handling the small things, so she hopes the Rankins will be appreciative of her neighborly efforts.

What Reba doesn’t expect, however, is a glimpse into a cool and aloof—albeit sexy— Montana rancher’s personal life. A glimpse that both intrigues and stops her in her tracks. She came to Montana to heal and focus on the next phase of her life. The last thing she wants is to fall in love.


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