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maddie james

Hi. I'm Maddie. Glad to have you visit my little spot on the world wide web!

There's lots of content on this website so before you dig in, let me share a few pointers. I write under several pen names, and there are over a hundred titles listed here in ebook, print, and audiobook formats

Maddie James writes small town romance, cowboys, and women's fiction. (sweet to spicy!)|
Madeleine Jaimes writes emotional women's fiction.
M.L. Jameson writes steamy romantic suspense and paranormal books. (hot!)
M.J. Ames writes naughty, taboo, and erotic short stories and novellas. (scorching!)

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I know it’s scary buying books direct from an author. It’s new, it’s different, and you’re not sure how it works. I get that! You’re used to purchasing books from your favorite bookstore or retailer with one-click. Your device is connected to that store and the book magically appears in your reading device....

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