Collection: Branded Filly Ranch

The Branded Filly Ranch is the home of Gage Parker, cousin to Callie and Parker Rankin of Rock Creek Ranch. The ranch sits between Billings and Paradise Valley, about an hour from Rock Creek Ranch. 

The original Parker ranches were split when Claire, Tom, and Noah Parker's parents died--Clair (Callie and Parker's mother) recieved the Paradise Valley ranch, and Tom (Gage's father) received the Billings area ranch. Tom deeded part of that land to Gage after college, and Gage added to the acreage over time. 

Gage values his privacy--and the Branded Filly provides the privacy he needs. His job as corporate executive and owner of WestInn Hotels occupies much of his time--but  the Branded Filly provides the means to relieve the stress of his corporate world. Hotels are his business but ranching is in his blood

Gage's book, Corporate Cowboy, tells his story. (Book 1)

Protecting Sarah, (Book 2) is the story of Gage's best friend and ranch manager, Cole Stevens.

Watch for Saving Amanda, Book 3, coming in 2024.