The Brothers of Sweet Grass Ranch

The Brothers of Sweet Grass Ranch

If you've moseyed through my website, you've probably realized that I like writing about cowboys and ranch life. While I would have loved growing up in the west on a ranch, the reality is I grew up in a small town in Ohio farmland. My grandfather did have a farm, and when I was little, there were ponies to ride, so that--and reading books about girls on ranches--had to satisfy my cowboy itch. Oh, those things, plus watching black & white westerns on TV.

So I suppose it makes sense that I like cowboy worlds and writing their stories. 

One western romance series is just getting started, but you may recognize characters from different books of mine. I've intentionally crossed characters and ranches over from one series to another, to make things a little more interesting. 

Today, let me introduce you to the MacKay family of Sweet Grass Ranch.

The five MacKay brothers--Ethan, Evan, Dylan, Aiden, and Aaron--run the South Dakota cattle ranch in the foothills of the Black Hills Mountains, after the untimely death of their father.

Navy SEAL Ethan MacKay (Ethan: Black Sheep Cowboy), is home now, managing the ranch with his identical twin brother, Evan. He's battered and bruised from a mission, and the last person he wants to see is his ex-wife.

Evan MacKay, (Evan: Kiss Me Again, Cowboy) has managed the ranch, pretty much on his own, since before their father died. He's a grumpy cowboy, a loner, and will do anything to safe the ranch from going under.

Ethan and Evan are the oldest of the brothers, both in their early 30s.

Dylan (Finn's Lawman, Rock Creek Ranch), a deputy Sheriff for Meade County, is the middle brother. He helps out on the ranch in spare time but perfers working off the ranch. You'll find Dylan's story included in the Rock Creek Ranch, series.. 

Aiden and Aaron, the youngest set of identcal twins, run a rodeo stock business associated with the ranch. Both love rodeo and want to keep competing, but the troubles with the ranch may keep them at home. 

Connie MacKay (Leaving Noah, Rock Creek Ranch) is the boys' mother. Their young sister, Sarah (Protecting Sarah, Branded Filly Ranch), is a country music singer. Connie's story sits in the Rock Creek Ranch series, and Sarah's in the Branded Filly Ranch series. 

Recommended reading order: 

1. Protecting Sarah (Branded Filly Ranch)
2. Ethan: Black Sheep Cowboy (Sweet Grass Ranch)
3. Leaving Noah (Rock Creek Ranch)
4. Evan: Kiss Me Again, Cowboy (Sweet Grass Ranch) - Coming Soon!
5. Finn's Lawman (Rock Creek Ranch), Dylan's story - Coming in 2024
6. Aiden: The Cowboy's Baby (Sweet Grass Ranch) - Coming in 2024
7. Aaron: Marry Me Cowboy (Sweet Grass Ranch) - Coming in 2025

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