The Power of the First Kiss

The Power of the First Kiss

The Power of the First Kiss

In the romance novel universe, few moments hold as much weight as the first kiss. A well-crafted first kiss can set the stage for the relationship, provide insights into the characters, and serve as a turning point in the narrative. I thought I'd dive  into the irresistible allure of the first kiss in romance novels (not to mention the first "almost kiss") and why it remains one of the genre's most iconic moments.

The Anatomy of a First Kiss

In many stories, the first kiss is often a culmination of scenes of tension and anticipation. Characters may even have spent chapters—if not the whole book—circling each other, their opposing worlds colliding and their differences making the moment even more poignant. It's a classic case of opposites attracting, where the tension becomes so unbearable that it necessitates release.

The Power of Setting

The backdrop of the first kiss also plays a crucial role. Whether it's a serene lakeside, a bustling city square, or the privacy of a living room, the setting can amplify the impact of the kiss and further etch it into the reader's memory.

The Role of the Unexpected

A surprise element can also make a first kiss truly unforgettable. Perhaps one character interrupts the other's sentence with a kiss, or maybe external circumstances (a rainstorm, an interrupted duel) conspire to bring their lips together. The unexpected can add an exhilarating layer of excitement to the experience.

My Favorite First Kiss of All Time

When James Garner kisses Sally Field in the movie Murphy's Romance, I literally swoon. If you haven't seen it, search for it. When Murphy twirls Emma around on that soda fountain stool, kisses her thoroughly, and then sends her on her way, it's such a turning point of the story and leaves me with a sigh every time.

Sally Field has been quoted as saying it was her best on stage kiss ever.... 

I often think of that kiss, when I'm writing my own first kiss scenes.

And if that kiss scene doesn't grab at your heartstrings, then be sure to watch the ending, because that's when you'll get all the happily-ever-after feels. 


His Forever Kiss

In my book, His Forever Kiss, the first book in the Forever Time Travel Trilogy, the power of the kiss is evident in the title. Here’s an excerpt of Claire Winslow’s first kiss with the ghostly image of a man, who had recently haunted the shores outside her oceanfront vacation home.

Midnight folded around her.

Claire stood facing the ocean, waiting at the top of the dune for a man she wasn’t even sure was a man. Had her imagination taken over in the face of constant stress and conjured up a mysterious lover?

On the slim chance he wasn’t a mirage, she would wait for him. Because if she didn’t, she had a horrible feeling she’d never again find happiness.

That emotion had eluded her lately. Everything else in her life was going haywire. She needed, desperately needed, something special. Something for her alone.

The ocean winds grew somewhat brisk and cooler. Her thin gown was not nearly substantial enough to keep away the chill. For several minutes, she contemplated leaving, but as she turned to go, the mist drifted across the beach.

It crept along the shore, its edges tickled by moonlight. Claire stepped off the boarded walk, drawn closer to the meeting of sand and sea. The cool, wet sand oozed between her toes as she moved closer. The ocean’s foamy fingers teased her ankles.

She stopped. Every muscle, every fiber, every molecule of her body froze.

You’re here.

Her heart jumped.

He emerged out of the mist and stood several feet away—closer than he’d ever ventured before. He looked intently into her eyes. The surf lapped gently at his boots. The moon glow radiated about him, creating an otherworldly halo effect.

Claire inhaled and let the lingering breath out slowly, very slowly. Their gazes connected and held for some time; their souls touched. The power, the pull and tug, the magnetism and force of him drew her closer. She could not resist.

Didn’t want to.

He edged closer. Her chest rose and fell in a rhythm of anticipation and desire. He stepped forward, and every sensory ending on her body stood alert. As she waited, he moved silently until he stood directly in front of her.

His chest rose and fell in harmony with hers. She sensed the fear in his eyes, the anticipation, and the exhilaration of being so close. His eyes sparkled in the moonlight and played over each feature of her face as if memorizing every freckle or laugh line or the high jut of her cheekbones. She swallowed.

An intense energy force enveloped them until she felt, somehow, they were no longer two people, but one. There had been no physical touch, no words spoken, no contact whatsoever, but the power of their silent communion was deafening.

Who are you?

She opened her mouth to speak, but he quickly raised his hand and placed a finger to her open lips. A rippling sensation radiated from that one touch throughout her body, down to her toes. She shook off the chill that followed.

With his finger still resting on her lips, he took one last step forward until their bodies were as close as they could possibly be without touching. Hooking one finger under her chin, he tilted her mouth toward his. Their gazes locked as his lips descended.

The kiss was sweet and powerful and passionate. His soft lips nibbled and tasted hers. She felt lost in a swirl of ocean currents and shifting sands and night mist. His tongue mingled with hers, and her breathing quickened. Her beating heart rivaled to keep time with the waves crashing the shore. As his lips departed from hers, she peered into his face—and panicked.

What am I doing?

The first kiss in a romance novel isn't just a simple meeting of lips, it's an event with the power to transform a story, define a relationship, and set the course for the remainder of the story, be it book or movie. 

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