Whose Past Has Come Back to Haunt Them?

Whose Past Has Come Back to Haunt Them?

Years ago, I lived in Kentucky horse farm country. Every day, I drove past a beautiful Antebellum home on my way to and from my day job. I knew I would one day write a book with that home as a setting. I learned that the man lived there who was a fox hunter, and from there my imagination soared....

My romantic suspense novel, Safe Haven, grew out of thinking about that story over many commutes to my day job. The book took me quite a while to write--about ten years, to be honest--but that is okay. It remains one of my favorite story lines.

Safe Haven is a story of horses, hounds, Kentucky culture, love, loss, and second chances....

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Rebekah McCauley is back home after ten long years of living and working in New York City. She left the Big Apple under circumstances she'd rather not share with her family, and all she wants is time to heal and recover from the mess she'd made of her life. Luckily, her grandparents' Kentucky bluegrass farm provides the asylum she craves and the solitude she needs to heal.

Collin Kramer, the fox hunter next door, seems determined to infiltrate her peace and invade her safe haven at every turn—not only with his noisy hounds running amok over her land but with his Alpha male, take-charge attitude running roughshod over her wounded heart.

But as Bekah softens to Collin's conquest, Collin realizes his own toughened heart needs mending. And just when he thinks he has conquered that as well, all hell breaks loose. Poisoned horses, a gutted hound, and a barn fire are only the beginning. When Bekah's farmhouse burns to the ground, too, they know someone is serious about destroying their lives. But who?

Whose past has come back to haunt them? Rebekah's or Collins?

Safe Haven is a romantic suspense novel penned under my pseudonym, M.L. Jameson.

Download your copy of Safe Haven.

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