Early in my writing career, my personal definition of success was to make enough money writing to quit teaching middle school. (I was desperate!) If I could accomplish that, then I would feel successful.

That didn’t happen, but I worked ridiculously hard toward the goal of supporting myself with my writing income, and my efforts paid off—eventually. I strived toward that goal for years and was successful in making it happen through diligent planning and hard work.

I also had that dream ripped out from under me. (That’s another blog post.)

Fickle world, this writing culture we strive to exist within.

Your goal for your writing is different from mine, or anyone else’s. Perhaps you want to write your family history, publish the book, and give it to your parents for Christmas. Maybe that’s your only goal, and if you accomplish that, you will feel successful. Good for you and no judgement here. It’s your goal. Your Write Path.

Maybe you have years of expertise on a subject, and by writing a book and sharing with the world, you are giving back to humanity.

Perhaps the notion of flexibility is appealing. If you are your own boss, you are in control of your time, your life, your hours, your lunch break. Nice.

Maybe there is a story in your head that has been spinning for decades—and you need to get it off your brain. You need to tell the story.

All good. All honorable. Go for them, one and all.

The bottom line is this: whatever path you choose, it’s Your Write Path. Yours. You own it. No one else.

How you define success in your writing world is yours too. Your path. Your success.

Own it and do it.

Your words. Your heart and soul. Your rules.

Your way.

Your goals, and your successes, should never be measured against anyone else’s goals and successes.

Success means different things to different people—particularly in the writing world.

For a moment, close your eyes and create a mental image of what success means to you as it relates to your writing. Wander over that thought for a moment. No need to rush—you have plenty of time.

Picture what your life would be like if that image came true—if you achieved the success you are seeking, the goals you've created for yourself. How would you feel if you accomplished them?

What is the image that represents your success?

What does writing success mean to you?


Defining what success means to you, setting goals, and uncovering what's holding you back are a few of the topics discussed in my upcoming book and workshop series, Discover Your Write Path to Publishing Success.

There are many paths to follow in the writing and publishing world. Finding yours can be an exploratory process. 


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