Collection: The Forever Trilogy - Soul Mates Time Travel Series

Thrilling suspense, intrigue, paranormal elements, and romance, wrapped up in an artifact-seeking, generational time hop!

Step back in time with Claire Winslow and Jack Porter to 1718 pirate era on the American east coast in His Forever Kiss. Shift to the present day with their daughter Victoria in Her Forever Love. And travel to the future with their son, Jackson, in Her Forever Dream.

All in the pursuit of a historic artifact--the silverplated chalice made from the pirate Blackbeard's skull--to break the curse the pirate spewed on their family at his death.

The best reading experience for these books is to read them in order.

Reading order:

Book 1. His Forever Kiss
Book 2. Her Forever Love
Book 3. Her Forever Dream

Or buy the entire series in one box set - The Forever Trilogy