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Callie (Rock Creek Ranch, Book 2)

Callie (Rock Creek Ranch, Book 2)

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Will her Montana past collide with her New York future?

When Callie Rankin’s father falls critically ill, she returns to her Montana home. Leaving New York, her promotion, and a budding relationship behind, she heads back to the ranch, planning to stay only until she knows her father is out of the woods.

But her homecoming is not entirely welcome. Her relationships with her siblings and stepmother are challenging, which makes coming home even more difficult. When the unthinkable happens and her father dies, Callie rapidly unravels. Then ranch hand, Murphy Reynolds—the boy she left behind a decade ago—reaches out to pick up the pieces.

Murphy Reynolds fell in love with Callie heart and soul the last summer they spent together on the ranch. While coaching her when she raced the barrels, traveling to rodeos in the region, he fell hard and fast. He would have married her in a heartbeat to keep her on the ranch with him forever. The problem was, she couldn’t get off the ranch fast enough. College was her excuse—she left and never looked back. Or so it seemed to him.

Now, Callie must not only mourn the loss of her father, but face her past and mend fences with her family and Murphy. Her choices will shape her future. But will that future be with Murphy and her family on the ranch, or back in New York, where her promotion and a rocky relationship wait?

What readers are saying about Callie and the Montana McKennas series.... 

❤ "Read this series and fall in love with each one of the kids in the McKenna family & their extended family as well! This series is heartwarming and emotional."

❤ "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Extremely well written story. Well developed, vivid, and relatable characters. I was engaged immediately ... the story pulled me in so quickly that I couldn't set it down until I found out what happened in the end!!"

❤ "Strong woman. It was interesting to see how she [Callie], a very independent and strong woman, let herself find her way and true feelings."

❤ "I enjoyed the writing style. I'm anxious to read the rest of the books. Great story!"

❤ "A good book to relax with, take your mind to another place - to escape. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest of series."


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