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The Write Path Workbook - Spiral Bound Paperback

The Write Path Workbook - Spiral Bound Paperback

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Stuck? Stalled? Slow to Start?

Authors, then this book is for you.

If you are a new writer, determined to break into the publishing world, you might think you must do it all—which often slows you down. Or worse, shoots you down the wrong spirally, sticky slope that oddly resembles Alice’s rabbit hole. You keep trying to open the doors to success but can’t find the right key. And just when you think you’ve found the right key, the door cracks open a little wider—enough to glimpse what’s on the other side.

Established authors suffer from Alice’s rabbit hole syndrome, too. Make no mistake—it’s not just new and aspiring authors. If you are an established writer with a stalled, stuck, slow to start, or even spirally career—no matter the reason—you may be desperate to get back on track.

This book shares 5 Path-Points to Writer Success—and encourages authors to dig deeper into them through the workbook exercises and journaling.

1.  Your Write Path
2.  Your Ideas and Creativity
3.  Your Habits, Routines, and Processes
4.  Your Sweet Spot
5.  Your Publishing Path

Part Workshop, Part Memoir, Part Damn Good Writing Advice
Maddie James has run the gamut of publishing options--from freelancer, to traditional publishing, to independent publisher. Her thirty-plus year writing career has provided opportunities for success, pitfalls and pivots, goals met, and lessons learned. She's dishing out her ideas in this book.

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Length: Non-fiction Book
Format: spiral/coil bound paperback workbook

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