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Seriously Dead (Book 2)

Seriously Dead (Book 2)

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Ghosts of Carrington, Book 2

Another deadly romantic comedy—three sisters, a smattering of ghost, a touch of romance, a boatload of mystery, and a stitch of southern humor.

Molly Campbell had everything—a gorgeous Louisiana mansion, a rich husband, and a lucrative career. Had—not has—because her redneck husband dies in a seven-car pileup on the way to a monster truck pull, setting off a chain of events that leaves her penniless and moving into her deceased Gran’s home in Carrington, Louisiana.

To say lifestyle change is a bitch is an understatement.

She misses Don (and admittedly, his money) but doesn’t miss his belittling manner.

When he comes to her in ghostly spirit and apologizes for every nasty thing he’s ever done (too little, too late), and that he lied to her about the bank account (too little, too gone), and tells her she needs to pay off his casino debt to keep the family safe (too overwhelming, too damn much!), and suggests that the truck accident might not have been an accident after all (too creepy, too murdered?), she gives him the cold shoulder.

Molly has no desire to listen to her deceased husband’s honeymoon phase sweet-talk and probable lies in death. She’d had enough of that while he was living.

But Don insists he was murdered, and when things start happening—eerie phone calls, threatening messages, and bullets whizzing past her on Gran’s porch—Molly concedes.

With her sisters in tow, and aided by a charming, tattooed private investigator, Molly seeks to uncover the truth. The suspense and hilarity that ensues might make you laugh out loud—seriously. Dead serious.


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