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Voodoo Bayou

Voodoo Bayou

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A modern Red Riding Hood retelling in the Bayou…

The last place Garnet Boudreaux wants to be is back home in Louisiana during Mardi Gras. But with her job on the line, she cannot refuse.

Lured into a voodoo shop on Bourbon Street by her girlfriend co-workers, she realizes the family magic is already at work. Madame Madeleine Dupuis urges her to go to the bayou. The witchy woman presses two pouches into Garnet’s hands, wraps a red cape around her, and tells her she must go now—and go now—to see her grandmother.

Max LeBlanc spies the auburn-haired beauty across the street and knows in a heartbeat she is the one. A Rougarou always knows his mate. Some may call him a lycanthrope, a werewolf if you will, but in Cajun bayou lands he’s known as The Rougarou. He’s waited hundreds of agonizing years—for her.

It’s time to claim his mate.

(Formerly titled, Red: A Seduction Tale)


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