Collection: Cowboys and Ranchers

Welcome to Montana and the Parker/Rankin family ranches!

Whether working the cattle ranch, or the dude ranch side of the business, the Rankin family is firmly rooted into their Montana ranching way of life. It's not easy. Relationships get in the way. Egos sometimes, too. But at the very core of their existence, is home, family, and love.

Linked by strong family relationships, these stories take place in multiple ranch settings in Montana (Rankin’s Rock Creek Ranch; The Branded Filly Ranch), South Dakota (Sweet Grass Ranch), Texas and Kentucky (Remington Ranches). 

When Gage Parker of Billings seeks to add to his business portfolio, he decides to branch out into a world he knows well. Hotels are his business but ranching is in his blood. The addition of a South Dakota ranch into his conglomerate increases not only his land holdings but expands his family. Can he add Texas and Kentucky as well?

The Parker and Rankin families—Montana ranchers for generations—anchor the series and lay the foundation for stories to come. As families grow, forming new ranch partnerships, you’ll also meet the MacKay and Remington families, among others.

Parker Ranches, Inc. books are romance stories with happily-ever-after endings. Some are sweet, most are steamy, and a few are romantically erotic. (Please review product descriptions prior to purchase.)

Suggested reading order: 

The Rancher's Second Chance, Book 1 (FREE!)
Callie: Rock Creek Ranch, Book 2
Callie's Wedding (short story), Rock Creek Ranch, Book 2.5
Parker: Rock Creek Ranch, Book 3
Corporate Cowboy: Branded Filly Ranch, Book 1
Protecting Sarah: Branded Filly Ranch, Book 2
Jake's Temptation: Remington Ranch, Book 1
Ethan: Black Sheep Cowboy, Sweet Grass Ranch, Book 1
Leaving Noah, Rock Creek Ranch, Book 4
Evan, Kiss Me Again, Cowboy, Sweet Grass Ranch Book 2