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Snatching the Bachelorette (Book 2)

Snatching the Bachelorette (Book 2)

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The Bachelorette Party, Book 2

Snatching the Bachelorette is a fun, sexy and frequently erotic romp including a runaway bride, an escape to Vegas, and an unexpected menage a trois. What more could a reluctant bride ask for?

Lainie Wells will get married. She will, she will, she will. It’s perfect. He’s perfect. Her life will be perfect. Bleh, bleh, bleh. Thoroughly confused and utterly disgusted with herself, she’s resigned to impending marriage. Besides, Mary Kate has everything planned and her father has footed an astronomical bill thus far. She will, she will, she will. And she keeps saying that until her ex-fiancé, Simon Shepherd, takes the stage during the drag show, links gazes with her, and won’t let go.

Suddenly, “I do” feels more like “I don’t.” But Simon left her two years earlier. Why is he coming after her now?


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