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Romantic Suspense 5 Book Bundle + 2

Romantic Suspense 5 Book Bundle + 2

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Get all FIVE full-length romantic suspense novels plus TWO FREE suspense novellas for a super great deal!

  • A $35.00 retail value
  • All SEVEN Books, Yours for only $15.00!  WAIT - NOW $12.00!
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The Novels
✅ A Perfect Escape
✅ Tempt Me 
✅ Save Haven
✅ Double Crossed
✅ The Last Blue Eyed Woman
The Novellas
✅ Protect Me Not
✅ Voodoo Bayou

Gritty. Steamy. Deadly.
Romantic Suspense Thrillers

A Perfect Escape. Megan Thomas wants to get lost.  She planned her escape to the last detail, but she didn’t plan on Smyth Parker.

Tempt Me. Detective Jordan Cross has one thing on her mind--get the bastard killing kids in her small southern city, the person she thinks is also responsible for her niece's disappearance. Her ex, Tate Walker is getting in the way.

Safe Haven. Rebekah McCauley is back home after ten long years of living and working in New York City. Collin Kramer seems determined to infiltrate her peace and invade her quiet sanctuary. But someone's past has come back to haunt them.

Double Crossed. When Michael Lassiter goes undercover in Kate Cooper's elementary classroom posed as a school drug cop, his mission is to find out what she knows about her husband's supposed death. Is she hiding away the AWOL trooper?

The Last Blue Eyed Woman. The year is 2095. The Americas Revolution has ended. And Cyan Sebastian—the last blue-eyed, Caucasian woman known to exist in the Western hemisphere—is on the run with a man sworn to protect her. The man who days earilier killed her father.

Protect Me Not. The CFO of the non-profit Cerise Thacker runs has been cooking her financial books. The DA fears the CFO’s deep family roots will come after her so Cerise is whisked away into a short-term police protection program--with a reluctant undercover cop as her handler. (bondage, submission)

Voodoo Bayou. When Max LeBlanc spies the auburn-haired beauty across the street, he knows she is the one. A Rougarou knows when he’s met his mate. Some may call him a lycanthrope, a werewolf if you will, but in Cajun bayou lands he’s known as The Rougarou. He’s waited several hundred years for this moment, and for her.


❤️“Loved this book so much I've read it multiple times!” 
❤️"If you enjoy a good suspense novel, grab this story as quickly as possible." 
❤️“A great story combined with strong characterization and perfect pacing.”
❤️“Ms. James an author to watch.”
❤️“Brava Ms. James. I loved this story.”
❤️“The story and characters were well developed and very interesting.”
❤️“I stayed up into the early morning hours reading it. Then spent the next day reading it again.”
❤️“Ms. James puts you right into the middle of what is happening.”
❤️“The climatic ending was tense, terrifying and so good. Well worth the read.”
❤️“James created so much more than a romance. This book reaches the heart and thrills the soul."
❤️“A great read. Suspenseful and surprising twist.”


Note: These stories contain differing levels of graphic sex and violence, including murder and assault.

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