Julienne Bourbon

Julienne Bourbon is a lifelong storyteller and amateur chef. 

Cooking for family qualifies as amateur status, doesn't it? She’s into late breakfast, early dinner, and snacks when necessary. (When are snacks not necessary?) She’d put her collection of kitchen appliances up against the fanciest of celebrity chefs and she’s pretty sure if there is flatware to be found at a yard sale she’s snatched it up. Yes, call on her if you need utensils for your family reunion.

Plus, if it can fit in a 9 x 13 casserole dish, count her in for your next potluck.

Anyhoo, Julienne is also a writer, which is likely why you are reading this biography. She is an up-and-coming cozy mystery author who is currently working on her potentially bestselling Chelsea Court Mystery Series starring heroine Brandy Mimosa, college culinary arts professor and fancy cake baker, and her soon-to-be-revealed sidekick(s) and Court Cronies.

Julienne is no stranger to the writing/author world. Writing under several nom de plumes, she has written for newspapers, magazines, and academia, including two non-fiction books and curricula. She has also published an insane amount of fiction, from short stories to novels.

Currently living in the Midwest, Julienne cohabitates with Beau, her boyfriend of unspecified years, her Great Pyrenees companion, Woodford, and two adopted stray cats named Julep and Toddy. (Not to mention the host of backyard, prolific rabbits and their babies…and the growing squirrel family. We can’t forget the squirrels.)

Julienne lived for a considerable amount of time in the south, which has no doubt heavily influenced her cozy mystery writing voice. She draws liberally on her experiences living there and makes no excuses for inserting quirky, southern characters into her writing who may or may not be based on people known or living—but who is telling?

Learn more at her website/blog, in progress: https://www.juliennebourbon.com/

Watch for these titles and more coming in late 2024/early 2025.