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Convincing Nora

Convincing Nora

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She rescued a cat and gave the feline a furever home.
Did she find her forever man in the process?

The peaceful town of Brownsfield, Texas, is the perfect place to start a new veterinary practice—newcomer Dr. Caleb Wyatt decides—until the morning he opens the doors of his animal clinic. He needs to hire part-time help but the animals of Brownsfield are not cooperating. Mrs. Pierson’s poodle is looking for love in all the wrong places. A colicky calf keeps him awake. A yellow-tinged iguana, a cursing Lorikeet, and a bird-eating cat seem hell-bent on wreaking havoc with his business.

In short, chaos! Until the lovely and quite organized, Nora Jamieson steps into his clinic.

Nora isn’t out to find a job. She only wants help for a flea-infested and newly rescued cat she’d given a 
furever home. But the disorganized veterinarian needs help, so she puts her school secretary skills to good use. She agrees to work for Caleb, but the job becomes more than a summer distraction. In fact, she fears she is falling for Caleb, something this plain Jane girl thought she would never experience. It’s time to retreat. And fast.

You see, Nora doesn’t date. And she has good reason for that.

But Caleb has other ideas. Convincing Nora to work for him was the easy part—convincing her that he’s her 
forever man is quite another. Can he do it?

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