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The Bachelorette Party (3-Book Boxed Set)

The Bachelorette Party (3-Book Boxed Set)

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One party, three women, no looking back....

Banging the Wedding Planner is a fun, sexy and frequently erotic romp that includes a penis cake, double strippers, and more. What more could a hesitant wedding planner ask for?

Mary Kate Wells refuses to admit she’s innocent. She has had sex, she’s here to tell you. But the truth is, when Johnny the Stripper calls the day of the bachelorette party to confirm his appointment later that evening, the sound of his voice saying, “Hi, Mary. My name is Johnny, and I’ll be your stripper this evening,” jerks her libido into full-speed ahead like nothing she’d ever felt before. And then when Johnny arrives with lookalike Shawn at his side, the fire in her gut could only be put out by one thing—no wait, two.

Snatching the Bachelorette is a fun, sexy and frequently erotic romp including a runaway bride, an escape to Vegas, and an unexpected menage a trois. What more could a reluctant bride-to-be ask for?

Lainie Wells will get married. She will, she will, she will. It’s perfect. He’s perfect. Her life will be perfect. 
Bleh, bleh, bleh. Thoroughly confused and utterly disgusted with herself, she’s resigned to impending marriage. Besides, Mary Kate has everything planned and her father has footed an astronomical bill thus far. She will, she will, she will. And she keeps saying that to the point where her ex-fiancé, Simon Shepherd, takes the stage during the drag show, links gazes with her and won’t let go. Suddenly, “I do” feels more like “I don’t.” But Simon left her two years earlier. Why is he coming after her now?

Bedding the Bridesmaid is a fun, sexy, and erotic romp through time featuring a ghostly encounter of the ménage kind. What more could a sex-starved bridesmaid ask for?

As Dee Crowe looks up from her drink while sitting in the luxurious bar at the Seelbach Hotel after the 
uneventful-for-her bachelorette party, she swears a man is staring back at her in the mirror. Their gazes connect and hold, she turns, but no one is there. The sexual titillation that runs through her body frightens her as much as the fact that she’s pretty darned certain she’s seen a ghost. When an elevator door opens, luring her inside it’s depths, Dee experiences a ghostly encounter of the ménage kind that makes her believe in sex here, and in the forever after.


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Length: Box Set - 3 Novellas
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